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Travel, food, music and fun -------------------------------------------- Hey, welcome!!! Thanks for showing your kind interest to this YouTube channel ExplorerShibaji. Shibaji has been a passionate traveler and foodie, loved the way life appeared to him. Shibaji started taking interest in content creation after watching some of the popular travel vlogs on YouTube and became enthusiastic about this hobby. Whatever Shibaji tries to portrait in each video, are all real experiences and all opinions are his personal. Shibaji always likes to interact with his followers, would love to hear from them, you are most welcome to follow him on Instagram(explorer_shibaji) or Facebook (shibaji.paul). The official group and page for this channel on Facebook is "BHROMON HELPLINE", you are encouraged to join the group, where you can find like-minded travel enthusiasts and share your thoughts or travel experiences. For any business related queries, please feel free to mail: shibaji.explorer@gmail.com

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কেনিয়া তে ডিনার #explorershibaji

কেনিয়া তে ডিনার #explorershibaji

Explorer Shibaji
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